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Achieving the ideal lawn can be a never-ending struggle for expert landscapers and property managers of expansive green areas. Boundary wires have been used by robotic mowers in the past to indicate their work area. This not only needs labor-intensive installation, but it also poses a problem for landscaping or maintenance tasks. Husqvarna, a brand well-known for both motorcycles and outdoor power equipment, is causing a stir with the Automower 520 EPOS, a ground-breaking robotic mower that does away with cables in favor of an advanced GPS navigation system.

With its remarkable ability to handle slopes as steep as 45 degrees, the Automower 520 EPOS is built to tackle expansive areas up to 5,000 square meters, or approximately 1.2 acres. For managing large properties like parks, sports complexes, or corporate campuses, this makes it perfect. The EPOS system, which eliminates the need for actual boundary wires, is the main innovation. Rather, it creates a virtual work zone using a reference station and a network of satellites. This reduces the possibility of inadvertently damaging wires while performing other lawn care duties, in addition to speeding up the installation process.

The mower is fully compatible with the extensive app-based management system Husqvarna Fleet Services. Consider how convenient it would be to be able to monitor and operate your whole fleet of mowers from your computer or smartphone. Multiple mowers can operate simultaneously, real-time location tracking is possible, and the app even lets you modify your mowing schedule in response to the weather. While automatic weather timers make sure the mower adjusts its schedule to avoid rain or extreme heat, increasing its efficiency and safeguarding the health of the lawn, alarm systems serve to discourage possible theft.

The mower maintains a consistently well-kept lawn by using a methodical mowing pattern. It leaves behind small grass clippings that are mulched finely and added back to the soil to act as natural fertilizer. This environmentally friendly method not only makes it unnecessary to bag and dispose of clippings, but it also makes the landscape healthier and more verdant. To maintain its position at the forefront of lawn care technology, the mower also includes features like a patented cutting height adjustment system and over-the-air software updates.

The Automower 520 EPOS has a high upfront cost, but there are unquestionable long-term advantages for companies that provide professional lawn care. A large return on investment is achieved by lower labor costs from automation, increased productivity from remote management, and a constantly immaculate lawn. A glimpse of the future of lawn care is provided by the Automower 520 EPOS, which shows how robotic mowers powered by GPS will function with autonomy and precision in the coming years. This creative solution opens the door for a more sustainable method of maintaining expansive green spaces while also freeing up important time and resources.

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