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The Microwave Trick That Makes Garlic Peeling Easy

In addition to its health benefits, garlic is a superfood because it enhances the flavor of practically any savory dish. Garlic’s one drawback is that peeling it can be an incredibly frustrating task. especially if you are preparing a dish that calls for a large amount of it, such as a comforting soup made with roasted garlic that uses about three whole bulbs. Less garlic in this recipe will result in a less flavorful soup, but chopping and peeling that much garlic will take a while and could leave your hands looking really messy.

Fortunately, there is a short and simple trick that makes peeling garlic very easy. All you have to do is microwave the entire bulb for 20 seconds. After letting the garlic sit on the counter for roughly the same length of time, you can begin peeling it. Now, though, the garlic skin ought to come off each clove with ease, sparing you from having to deal with filthy fingers and wasted time.

Why The Microwave Peeling Method Is So Effective

In response to a question from NPR, Cornell University assistant professor of food science Gavin Sacks claimed that the reason this trick works so well is that the microwave “will heat the water in the garlic, causing cells to rupture.” Consequently, the raw garlic begins to release steam, which helps to separate the clove from the skin.

The secret to this trick is the steam, which also turns the garlic into a very hot item when taken out of the microwave. This is why it’s crucial to let the garlic sit for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds before peeling. Peeling is as simple as cutting off the top of the bulb and then removing the outer skin once it has cooled slightly. You can squeeze the cloves at either end to release the garlic from the peel after you’ve separated them from the bulb.

Given that microwave cooking involves only a slight cooking process, you might be wondering if this tip will have an impact on the flavor of the garlic. Sacks claims that compared to raw garlic, microwaved garlic may have a somewhat weaker flavor and aroma. Though the convenience makes it worthwhile, the difference is probably not significant enough to be felt.

Additional Helpful Microwave Garlic Tricks

Being able to quickly prepare a tasty and nutritious meal is crucial for the majority of people who are balancing a busy schedule with several obligations. Fortunately, there are additional microwave cooking tips available to help you save time when adding garlic to a meal to enhance its flavor.

First off, you can quickly make crispy garlic by chopping it up and tossing it with olive oil in a bowl if you want flavorful, crispy garlic but don’t have time to roast it for an hour in the oven. Then, just microwave the garlic covered in oil for 15 seconds at a time, being careful not to burn it, and stop when the garlic is crispy and delicious to your taste.

Removing the taste and smell of raw garlic fast is another microwave garlic trick. This is ideal for last-minute meal additions involving garlic that cannot be cooked beforehand. Just place the cloves in a bowl of water or milk and microwave them for a brief blanch to tame the raw garlic taste. Once cooked, you can add the garlic to any meal without fear of inadvertently consuming an excessive amount of raw garlic flavor.

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